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We are a family company that began as a food manufacturer. As the distribution of our pepper jellies grew across numerous retailers, we needed an effective way to market and sell our product. In 2008 we started Four Star Demos, and through the years, became the exclusive demo company for United Supermarkets Family of Stores and Brookshire Grocery Company, and the preferred demo company for other well known retail chains.  As requests from manufacturers and retailers continued to increase, Four Star Demos became our sole focus.  In 2015, we decided to expand to include Beer, Wine, and Liquor demos in Texas with Double Gold Demos. 


Four Star Demos and Double Gold Demos are committed to providing face to face sales training to our Demo Sales Specialists. Our management team has a background in Sales, Sales Management, Food Manufacturing, Food Service & Hospitality.


If you would like demos in a city that is not listed, please contact us.



A professional, reliable Sales & Service driven demo company that provides trackable results.
Our best asset are our Demo Sales Specialists. They are trained to increase product sales, develop brand awareness, and provide an enjoyable experience for consumers.
With your help, we will compile product information, FAQs and Selling Points to create Demo Instructions and Signage specific to your product prior to the demo.


We know how important it is for all parties to be informed. We promise to communicate in a timely manner.
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