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Site Lingo:

Demo Order = Project

Demo = Milestone


You will receive a Welcome Email with your password. You will only be able to view the Milestones that pertain to you. You can view all Milestones on the Everything Tab. Scroll to the bottom of that page and you can export to a PDF File or Excel.


To view additional information about the Project, you need to be in the Project Page (click on the Projects Tab and select the Project you want to view). On the left side of the page you will see who has access to the Project.

You will also see the following tabs:

  • Overview – Just like it sounds…gives you a summary of the latest activity for the Project.

  • Tasks – These are tasks our Demo Sales Specialists complete.

  • Milestones – These are the demos associated with the Project/Demo Order. You can also print a list of Milestones (either PDF File or Excel) for just one Project.

  • Messages – You are able to send a message/email through the site. Please note that you are able to set Privacies on the messages. Please make sure you are sending the messages to the people you intend to view the message. You can select to Notify certain people (this will send those people an email). If you do not select to Notify anyone, it is likely that no one will see the message/email. You may respond via email and your response will be posted to the site with the same privacies and notifications as the original message.

  • Files – This is where we post Demo Instructions and the completed Demo Reports.


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